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Discipline Policy

The school`s social counseling Department

Grades' Section (2017– 2018)

Subject: Discipline Policy

Our school is interested in the students' behavioral aspects which are as important as the academic and educational sides. We also want to emphasize the teacher`s role as an educator for the students which is a very important role as well. That is why we have integrate between both sides as the academic staff of the school is contributing in building the student`s personality and behavior. So teachers are kindly requested to pay attention to the important educational role by the following guidelines:

Not all the students are cases and not all mistakes should have the same consequence .Teachers should be aware of connecting any discipline procedure with its objective

Teachers can consult the social worker for guidance on how to deal with cases.

Consultation with other teachers of the same class may be helpful in dealing with the

     case without overestimating the student`s mistakes

The repeated complaints from the same student without taking any action is an evidence

that the teacher should exert extra effort to solve the problems.

Teachers should discuss the issue clearly to avoid taking a wrong decision .

Discipline procedures should be cumulative then you can ask for help.

Additional class work and home work can be a good discipline procedure

Depravation of activities, trips or breaks is not allowed as a discipline procedure.

Blaming the student about something he is not responsible for like coming late to school or missing his books …, etc. is not the right action . Teachers may advise the student or guide him how to solve his problems which is better and more effective.

Sending the students outside the class is not allowed unless the teacher takes the actions and needs farther help.

Collective punishment is not allowed

Physical contact or using the loud voice is not allowed

Making the class's atmosphere peaceful and quiet would be helpful in improving their behavior.

Behavior's marks plan should be followed with a total supervision from the school social worker.

Always remember, teachers are fathers and mothers.