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Student code of conduct


The Vision of Al-Alson International School is Achieving Educational

Excellence Together. With this vision in mind, Al- Alson International School has

developed the Student Code of Conduct to help students, parents, and school

personnel understand the guidelines for maintaining a safe and orderly learning

environment. Therefore, it is important that Parents/Guardians review this booklet and

discuss its contents with their children. Doing so will help us achieve our goals to

improve student’s achievement, and create clean and safe school environments.

Purpose of Student Code of Conduct:

•To support the creation of a safe learning environment for all members of the school


• To provide clear and explicit expectations for social behaviors in all school settings.

• To provide administrators with interventions that address students’ disruptive


Behavioral Expectations &Responsibilities of Students:

• Respect all members of the school community.

• Express needs and concerns in an appropriate Manner.

• Understand and comply with school rules and climate expectations, including the

Student Code of Conduct.

• Comply with the School’s attendance, dress code, unlawful harassment, and bullying


• Behave in a manner that focuses on academic success.

• Be responsible and accountable for following rules.

Attendance Expectations:

• Emphasize the importance of on-time attendance in school, class, morning assembly,

praying break, and all supervised activities—and celebrate good attendance and


• Send children to school every day prepared to participate and learn by providing a

good night's sleep and breakfast.

• Call the school when the child is absent.

• Provide a written excuse for every absence when your child returns to school.

• Provide a written excuse for every late arrival and early departure.

• Provide the school with correct current addresses, emergency contacts, home, cell

and work telephone numbers, e-mail addresses to the school at the beginning of each

school year and update information whenever there are changes.

• A pattern of an "unexcused" lateness or absence can lead to deduction of marks and a

variety of penalties, depending upon the circumstances.

School Discipline Policy

Al-Alson International School Discipline Policy is in accordance with the

regulations of The Ministry of Education.

Purpose of the Discipline Policy:

• to provide guidelines and rules to control and regulate the students’ behavior.

• to facilitate a positive school climate where each student feels safe and secure.

Disciplinary committee:

The discipline committee consists of seven members: The School Principal, the

Academic Manager, the vice principal, two heads of departments, and two teachers

from different departments.

Responsibilities of Disciplinary Committee:

• Detecting and examining some behavioral problems among students.

• Meeting with misbehaving students and clarifying the negative effects of bad

behavior on their life.

• Promoting good behavior among students and rewarding those with good conduct.

• Promoting the Islamic moral values.

• Taking suitable action towards students' misconduct.

Specific Behavioral Guidelines:

• It is impermissible to let the students enter the classroom without uniform.

• It is impermissible to let the students enter the classrooms before the morning


• It is impermissible to let the students enter the classroom during the breaks. Eating

is not allowed inside the classrooms.

• Students are to be accompanied to Salah with the teacher who covers the lesson

prior to that break.

• Students should perform Salah in properly.

• Students should worship Allah in the best manner as we've been ordered in the

Holy Qur'an.

• It is impermissible to have the students’ hair cut unacceptably, i.e. non-Islamic

haircuts are not acceptable in our school.

• It is impermissible to bring cell (mobile) phones to the school premises. For urgent

calls, students can contact their parents through the school administration.

• Students are allowed to buy from the school canteen during breaks only.

• It is not allowed for any student to leave the classroom without taking permission

from the teacher.

• After breaks and Salah, students must go directly to their classrooms.

• Students accompanied with their teacher must line up quietly and properly when

they leave their classroom to Science Lab, Salah or P.E periods.

• If the subject teacher does not reach his lesson on time or is absent, students must

wait inside the classroom.

• Students are not allowed to leave their classroom to the playground or anywhere

else if they have a free period. They should stay in the classroom until the substitute

teacher comes.

• Napping or sleeping is not allowed inside the classroom.

• Students should participate in the morning assembly and must take part in the

physical exercises.

• Students must bring all their required books, copybooks and pencil cases

according to their timetable.

• Homework assignments must be done as assigned on time.

• Students are not allowed to touch or keep dangerous or harmful objects.

• Students are not allowed to throw objects around the school.

• Students should respect other's feelings - no teasing, name calling, swearing, etc.

• Students should use polite words and a respectful tone of voice.

• Gum chewing is not allowed inside school at any time.

• Keep your school clean just as you would keep your house clean.

• Throw rubbish in the bin, keep the place clean always.

Classroom Rules

• Arrive to class on time with all the necessary equipment.

• Listen to teachers or other students without interruption.

• Complete all assignments on time.

• Treat the teacher and other students with respect.

• No eating or drinking allowed in class (water is acceptable.)

• Respect the property of the school. Don't draw on walls or tables.

Prayer Room (Musallah) Rules

• Sit properly, Keep quiet, and respect the Musallah and Salaat.

• Move in an orderly manner to and from Musallah with your teacher.

• Don't talk; listen carefully to the speech after the prayer.

• Don't forget to say the prayer's supplications.

Mobile Telephone Policy

• Mobile telephones are prohibited within the school premises.

• Parents should discourage their kids from bringing mobile phones to schools.

• If a student is found using a mobile phone, for any purpose, the phone will be


• As a general rule, students are not allowed to use the school telephones except for

emergencies. To use the telephone, students should request permission from the


• Telephone calls should be short and to the point.

Transportation Policy

-Going Home by Bus :

• At 12:50 p.m. you have to go to your bus without wasting any time. The buses leave at

  1:00 p.m. sharp.

• Inform the bus matron in the morning if you are not getting the bus in the afternoon.

• Don’t change buses or use the buses to bring your friends home with you.

• On the buses the matrons are in charge and are responsible for your well-being.

• Obey the bus driver at all times.

• You may only buy food from the school cafeteria during the day.

• Nothing is to be bought from the shops near where the buses park.

• No litter should be left on the buses, or dropped from the windows.

• Remain seated at all times when the bus is moving.

• Silly, rude or dangerous behavior on the bus will be dealt with by the Bus Controller

and could lead you to be suspended from using the bus.

• If you cause any damage, you will have to pay for it.

- Going Home by Car :

• Wait inside the school until your father or the driver picks you up.

• If not picked up by 2:30 p.m., you will be taken to the security room.